How to avoid time waste sharing photo of any size Compress pictures to send in email

By: Pamela Freedman

A scenario that everyone is all too familiar with; you have just recently gone and purchased a new digital camera. It takes incredible pictures and you just want to share them with everyone you know. Your camera takes incredible pictures, but the file size of each individual picture is enormous.

Compound this problem with the fact that many ISPs place small limits on the size of many attachments which makes the problem of sharing pictures even more difficult to deal with. This is a huge problem for some, but does not need to be a huge problem. There are ways to easily compress pictures for email that are painless.

Whatever you do, avoid sending the full size files to someone. They take so long to send, and are so large that it could literally block the recipients email. This is never the desired effect. You should always refrain from sending full size photos for this reason. Instead, when you want to send photos you should always compress them. This is a very simple and quick process that will give you great picture quality in a very small file size.

There are several different programs for compressing photos to send in email and they are great. They can take 10 pictures and compress them into the space that 1 old picture would take. This is a major saving of space, plus allows you to share so many more pictures quickly and easily. There is no reason to keep full sized files anymore.

It is so simple to compress the files that it is can be done within a matter of a few minutes. Why torture yourself with large files anymore? There is no reason to, just compress the files and send them off and you can no longer worry about the size of your files when you are busy trying to rush those pictures of your kids out to everyone after the latest adventure.

To help keep things organized, it is quite simple to make photo albums from the compressed photos. You can easily organize your pictures to email, and organize them so that overall they are easy to find. What more can you want from the digital picture experience? It is the perfect bond of function, space saving and fun.

Love2Photo - choosing photo compression size During my quest to find the most appropriate software, Ive personally tested about 20 photo compression tools. Of those Ive tested, my favorites are Love2Photo and JP2-Zip because only these tools provide advanced photo compression capabilities. Compared to the other programs, these programs produce the smallest file sizes. But Love2Photo is better because you dont have to unpack a zipped photo album when you need to review, print or extract photos. You simply click on the archive and enjoy the view! ;)

Love2Photo's web site : .

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