How to organize hundreds of your great photos saving time, money and effort

By: Pamela Freedman

Does your desktop look as if a photo album has exploded? Is it covered in all of those special moments of family events gone by? If you computer looks like most people, then this scene sounds very familiar. Never fear, there is a way to restore order to your desktop and allow it to be easily reworked in order to compress photo size, organize those photos and share them easier than ever before with your friends and family.

Many people also experience problems with their computers crashing and those beloved pictures being gone! This is truly awful and will cause a great amount of stress. To help prevent this there are several things that I have learned and will share with you. From my mistakes learned, yes, I lost mine previously; I will help you overcome these problems before you too lose all of your precious memories.

First thing you can do is breathe and relax, your photos will be perfectly safe when we are done and you will be so much better organized because of it. No photos will be lost or destroyed, and you will be mailing off tons of photos that you completely forgot you even had! What could be better?

So how to compress photos?

You first need to find software for photo compression that you feel comfortable using. This could be anything from Love2Photo or any other program you choose. Love2Photo is what I personally use to compress photo size on all of my pictures and it is very simple to use. All I have to do is open the program and drag and drop the photos of my choice and simply click create to have all of my photographs compressed to as much as 1/5th the size they were previously! This is a huge space saver on my computer, where I have literally thousands of memorable photos.

Love2Photo is also great because it helps me create photo albums that will organize my photos. For example, all of the pictures from any particular event are all together, compressed and ready to view. I have albums for my wedding, family vacations, children and so much more. It is a cinch to now find the perfect picture when I need it, instead of digging through thousands of pictures all stuffed into one file.

There are two main reasons I really liked using Love2Photo. The first is that it is so simple to use. It does not take long at all to be able to compress and organize photos like a pro. I did not have to spend long working out the details behind how to make it work before I was well into organizing everything on my computer. This is a huge benefit for those who are not always the most technologically advanced.

Love2Photo - choosing photo compression size The second reason is that it is capable of compressing the photos so well. You are able to quickly compress the photos to a very small size while maintaining a very good quality. With Love2Photos advanced photo compression it was incredible exactly how small I was able to get the quality of my photos and still be able to keep them safe.

Now that I have found the perfect photo compression software for my needs, I am now able to compress my entire collection and save them onto a disc to ensure they are forever safe and I will always have them. If you are interested in looking into Love2Photo, you can find the software at http:/ for even more information about this great program.

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