Quality compression using JPEG2000 file format

By: Pamela Freedman

One of the newest photo formats in the technology world today is JPEG2000. This is a more advanced version of the JPEG format that most people are very familiar with and comfortable using. JPEG2000 is able to compress photos to 1:50 or one-fiftieth the size of the original file, without sacrificing quality. This is a huge breakthrough, and one of the highest compression ratios you will find anywhere.

With the beauty of JPEG2000 format photos coming to light, users are able to see gorgeous photographs shared very easily. There is no longer hours, upon hours spent trying to learn how to compress a few pictures to send to Great Aunt Sally. Instead, you are able to spend more time snapping those beloved pictures so that you can share with Sally.

JPEG2000 is a format that anyone can use. It was designed for those seeking the best quality in the smallest file sizes, but it is so simple and easy that literally everyone who has a computer can use it. This is very possibly the best breakthrough in digital media in years. Everyone from the beginning user, to the most advanced user can all find a use for JPEG file format photos.

JPEG2000 is not entirely without problems. The biggest problem is that not everyone is utilizing this incredible compression system. Not everyone is able to reap the benefits of storing 50 pictures in the space where 1 picture fit before using JPEG2000. This is a huge savings, and add to it that the picture quality is exactly the same and you have a dream come true.

Compressing photo with JPEG2000 - Sample

As time and technology improves and word of the JPEG2000 compression rates moves along, it is only a matter of time before everyone uses it. In the meantime to make things the most compatible possible, you can simply use software such as Love2Photo that can compress your photographs as JPEG2000 and wrap them into a PDF file so that anyone can open them. This is such a simple process to do that you will never even realize that you are working while doing it.

Compressing photo with JPEG2000 - Result
Love2Photo's JPEG2000
1:50 compression ratio
Original imageStandard JPEG
1:50 compression ratio

Gone are the days of struggling to make all those beautiful photos fit into a standard DVD. Simply use the JPEG2000 compression standards and you can fit them easily onto a CD with the picture quality intact, and your peace of mind assured. There is no reason to struggle any longer. Love2Photo is also wonderful for adding encryption to your photos so when you are moving personal pictures you do not want strangers to see, such as your children they are protected from hackers!

Piece of mind, extra hard drive space and incredible picture quality all delivered in one simple to use photo compression format. This is like a dream come true for many, but you can live in the reality of it.

Love2Photo's web site : http://www.compressphoto.com .

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