To shrink or not to shrink photos for email – Using advanced photo shrinking software - Proven advice by an expert

By: Pamela Freedman

Many people do not always realize while shopping for that perfect digital camera that the more megapixels the better the picture size, but the larger the file each photo creates as well. The larger the megapixel of your camera the better those pictures look, but the harder they are to really share with friends and family. In addition, your hard drive space is slowly starting to dwindle away.

The benefits of digital photos far outweigh the consequences. Such as the great flexibility in modifying the images, so you can remove red eye and even crop easily and with professional results simply. The cons are the size, plus the need to keep a memory card in the camera is another con. As you can see, there are numerous benefits that over shadow any problems you might experience.

Most people adore the idea of being able to snap a few pictures of their special moments and easily share them with family and friends. But with digital picture sizes being as big as they are, this is sometimes difficult to be easily accomplished Most ISP’s do not allow unlimited message sizes, which means you are limited you are limited to how many pictures you can send per message.

You can still easily share those favorite photos, but in order to do that you need to shrink the photo for email. This is a relatively simple process as long as you have the right software the is for shrinking picture size. Many people think that shrinking photos for email is a hard and complicated process. Those users are using the wrong software. With the right software, shrinking pictures for email is so simple and easy, just drag and drop and click a button and your done!

You may be one of the few people who have no restriction on photo attachment size for emailing but most have a restriction, so even if you can easily send those large files, your recipients may not be able to receive those large files. Therefore, it is still a good idea to compress, if nothing else out of courtesy of those you are sending pictures to. Remember as well, when you shrink pictures for email they take less time to send, and less time to be received as well. So you have a winning situation for everyone!

With loads of different shrinking programs on the market today, users are forced to wade through the stack and find something that really is simple, an actually does work properly! Most people simply do not have weeks to devote to searching for the perfect program. Let me help you! Love2Photo is the first program that I have found that will quickly handle shrinking photos for email without making me want to rip my hair out.

Love2Photo - choosing size to shrink photos Love2Photo is able to easily shrink pictures for email with no hassles and no quality loss using JPEG2000 compression photo format. This is like the Rolls Royce for picture compression, and leaves you with an amazing picture quality with a very small, manageable file that doesn’t take hours to send or download from email servers.

Do not just take my word for Love2Photo you can read more about them yourselves at and see for yourselves they are one of the best programs around for shrinking pictures for any need you have.

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