Avoid strain pacifying large collection of photos - Quick tip about advanced software to zip photo

By: Pamela Freedman

Today digital technology is literally everywhere you turn. There are almost limitless opportunities to use digital media, and it is creating a possibility for people to take more pictures than ever before. Camera’s are as varied as those who purchase them with some being small point and shoot models, to the SLR cameras. You can find a camera in 1 megapixel up to 13 megapixels. Cameras are both stand alone, and even found combined with other electronic devices such as a PDA or a phone.

All of these options lead to a great many decisions in order to find the perfect camera for your needs. Problem with most cameras, especially now a days is the megapixel size is so large; it requires a very large amount of space for each picture. This creates problem in hard drive storage, as well as the size of the photo when you are trying to e-mail those beloved pictures to your family and friends.

The solution is often a very simple one, but not everyone knows of it. You can simply compress photo size (technically called "zip") in order to be able to send them easily in e-mail using advanced photo zipping techniques. This can be very simple to do if you have photo software. There is no reason to spend lots of money on a book on How to Compress Picture File, when you likely already have some software that will allow you to do this, or can purchase it very easily.

Many people zip the size of their photographs because there are numerous advantages to the process. It can save you a great amount of hard drive space, as well as make them much easier to share with everyone through e-mail and even on the internet because the photos will load and send so much quicker.

Love2Photo - choosing photo compression size During my quest to find the most appropriate software, I’ve personally tested about 20 photo zipping tools. Of those I’ve tested, my favorites are Love2Photo and JP2-Zip because these tools provide advanced photo compression capabilities. Compared to the other programs, these programs produce the smallest file sizes. But Love2Photo is better because you don’t have to unpack a zipped photo album when you need to review, print or extract photos. You simply click on the archive and enjoy the view! ;)

By using the picture compression software I now have more room on my hard drive and a much easier time sharing my digital photos with all of my friends and family.

Love2Photo's web site : http://www.compressphoto.com .

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